Romantic Package

Whatever the occasion is, we are here to accommodate your need. Let us know how you want to customize your items and we will help you bring them to life


Romantic Package (150 - 200 PACK) : IDR 6.500.000

> Free Flow Dark / Milk / White / Green Tea / Colored Chocolate

> 150 Pcs. Fresh Strawberries

> 150 Pcs. Marshmallow

> Free Flow Biscuits

> Person Incharge 

> Customize table Decoration

> 150 Pcs Mix Pralines (Strawberry, Blueberry, Chobis, Marble & Almond Rosche)

> 150 Pcs Petit Four (Two Season, DC'Choco, Fruit Short Cake, Cheese Cake, Caramel Choco)

> 150 Pcs Fancy Fun Choices (Mini Tartlet, Mini Cup Cake, Mini Eclair, Mini Doughnut, Verrine< Cake Pop, Lolipop, Macaroons, Cookies, Brownies & Party Cake 20x20 cm)