Elegance Package

If you are looking for something a little more conventional without being dull, chocolate corner is definitely the perfect pick.

Create the cake and party pieces, which appropriate to your theme.



Elegance Package (250 - 300 PACK) : IDR 9.000.000

> Free Flow Dark / Milk / White / Green Tea / Colored Chocolate

> 200 Pcs. Fresh Strawberries

> 200 Pcs. Marshmallow

> Free Flow Biscuits

> Person Incharge 

> Customize table Decoration

> 200 Pcs Mix Pralines (Coffee, Blueberry, Almond Rosche, Milk & White Truffle,)

> 240 Pcs Petit Four (Two Season, Opera Mango Casatta, Cheese Cake)

> 200 Pcs Fancy Fun Choices (Mini Tartlet, Mini Cup Cake, Mini Eclair, Mini Doughnut, Verrine< Cake Pop, Lolipop, Macaroons, Cookies, Brownies & Party Cake 20x20 cm)